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Fish Care

Welcome to the PDAA fish care page. We take fish care very seriously as no doubt you do too. The information on this page is by no means conclusive.

Unhooking mats & landing nets

Always ensure you have the right size unhooking mat and landing net for the size of the fish you expect or could catch.

Ensure your unhooking mat is wet before placing your catch onto it, especially during hot weather as a hot unhooking mat can “cook” a fish very quickly. Kneel down with your fish while on the mat to limit the movement of the fish. Use a topical based fish safe antiseptic on the fish if required, drying the area a little will help the treatment stick better.

Please our rules page for full info Here


There is nothing better than having a photo of your capture for posterity.

If it has taken you longer than anticipated to unhook your fish place it back in your landing net and hold in the water for a few minutes and then go ahead with your photo shoot. Kneel down while holding the fish for your photo never stand up while holding the fish.

Catch & Release

Releasing your fish to swim away to grow and fight another day is a great experience for the angler and the fish!     

Always make sure the fish is able to swim away if not “rest” it for as long as it takes in your landing net for fish to start moving around, you will know when it is ready to go. Barbel, Pike and Zander can take quite a few minutes to be ready to swim away.

Keep nets - Sacks - Tubes         

Always make sure your  keep nets, tubes and sacks are completely dry before placing them in the water. Barbel should not be retained in keep nets but released straight away

Only use keep nets, sacks and tubes that have an industry standard safety label

Ensure you stake your keep net out so the fish have as much room to swim around as possible. Sacks and tubes should only be used if you have had previous experience of using them.

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