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P&DAA Rules

The association reminds all members that the rights to fish are granted by the generosity of land owners. If damage is caused to crops, fences & other property, or access blocked by anglers' vehicles, it could result in the loss of these rights. In the interests of protecting our fishing rights members are requested to report any contravention of the associations rules or vandalism to the bailiffs or any of the associations officers.

All anglers are required to have a valid rod licence in their possession (or proof of) when fishing our waters. Members MUST carry their member book with them at all times when fishing.

Fishing Times

Fishing is from one hour before dawn to one hour after sunset. No night fishing on PDAA controlled sections of the river

Closed Season

No fishing is permitted on any association water during the closed season, 15th March to 15th June inclusive, with the exception of Gunwade Lake  and Overton lake (Ferry Meadows/Nene Park) and Thorpe Meadows Basin


Anglers fishing for large/specimen sized fish ie: Carp,Barbel, Bream, Pike, Chub, Zander, Tench MUST have with them on the bank a large unhooking mat and landing net suitable for the size of fish they are fishing for or could catch. (Min 30”)Match and match style anglers may unhook in their landing net on their lap while sat at their station/box.


No more than three rods may be used at any one time from any one peg. No rod “hopping” with a rod/s in more that one swim at a time. Anglers must remove lines from the water if leaving their swim for any reason.

ONE ROD ONLY rule on all our backwaters. those being castor backwater, alwalton backwater and browns mill backwater { black dyke }. You may carry more than one rod with you but may only have one rod in the water at any one time.

This does not affect the main river or Ferry Meadows Lakes where up to 3 rods can still be used.

Bait Restrictions

Bloodworm, Joker and the use of live freshwater fish as bait is banned on all association waters. All coarse deadbait fish must be shop bought pre packed deadbait.

Fish Removal

All fish including Eels, Pike & Zander must be returned to the water alive. All fish to be “rested” to ensure they can swim away safely.

Gaffs & Bogga Grips

The use of gaffs/Boga Grips are not permitted on any association water.

Lead Weights

A total lead weight (shot) ban is imposed on the associations waters at Water Newton, Milton Ferry, Alwaton Lynch, Orton Upstream & Ferry Meadows (Nene Park) Lakes. For the remainder of the association water, the following lead sizes are prohibited: Swan to No6 inclusive and ledger weights to 1oz. Exceptions being swim feeders where lead forms an integral component.


One hook per rod. Pike fishing rigs covered below.

Pike Fishing Rigs

Lure anglers may only use one lure per rod at any one time and only use the hooks that come with their lures, no “flying” or “stinger” hooks. Pike traces may consist of no more than two trebles. One trace per rod, no multi rigs.

Keep Nets, Landing nets

All keep nets must be staked out correctly to prevent damage, stress or fatality to fish and be of an approved standard with 'Lily' mark.

No Barbel, Carp, Zander or Pike to be kept in keep nets.

Landing nets MINIMUM 30" { 30 INCH. 76.2cm } LANDING NET rule for predator { pike perch zander } and specimen fishing { barbel carp chub tench specimen bream } this is the MINIMUM size and a bigger net would be better in most cases.


Fires are not permitted on the banks of any association water. Small stoves “kept off ground” are permitted.


All litter must be removed from the bank side before leaving. Bottles & tins are not to be discarded either in the water or in bankside vegetation. Please remember that discarded shot, hooks and line (nylon monofilament & braid) can cause injury and death to wildlife. If it is not your litter you will still have to pick it up as it will be regarded as yours.


No member may park in any disabled persons bay unless exhibiting a disabled 'blue' badge.  Parking is allowed in designated parking areas only and must not cause any obstruction..

Ferry Meadows parking

The Ferry Meadows Country Park runs a number plate recognition system for vehicles using the complex. Regular angler to Ferry Meadow can benefit from a reduced price annual parking permit which can be obtained by visiting the Visitor Centre and producing a valid EA rod licence and a valid P&DAA members hand book this will enable an angler to obtain an annual parking permit at a 50% reduced cost ie: £30 instead of the mandatory £60 Nene Park Trust parking info can be found Here

The p&daa does not accept any liability for vehicles and or contents while fishing or not upon our waters.


Our Bailiff’s are a friendly bunch!  Please treat them with respect as they are looking after our waters and fish to enable you to enjoy your fishing now and in the future. Verbal abuse and or threats of violence WILL result in the police being called.

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