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Seven sun seakers today for the P&DAA club match at Orton upstream 🥵. Fish topping and a tinge of colour gave all a bit of hope, plus everyone had two pegs…. What could possibly go wrong 🫣


Well nothing really we all had a few bites early on then for some reason the colour vanished and it became much more difficult 🤷🏻‍♂️


Third place today, as last week most fish but not the most weight was Jeff Tuttlebee with a small fish catch of 8lb 14oz👏


Second was Dave Rowell with a superb Bream and bits for 9lb 05oz👏👏


Top of the pile today was Dan Abbott with three Bream, two of them big fish, and a few bits all on the feeder weighing a splendid 15lb 09oz 🏆


Taking the wooden spoon and going from hero to zero in the space of seven days was Mick Royal 🥄


Next club match this Saturday will be at Nassington

Draw 8.00 fish 10.00-15.00

Meet opposite Black Horse Nassington

To book on text 07702440892