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With the increase in numbers of Chinese Mitten crabs we are obviously fielding a lot of questions at the moment, both from anglers and members of the public


As such, these are the facts as they currently stand:

•We are currently aware of sightings from the tidal Nene as far up as Ferry Meadows

•They are listed as an invasive non native species

•As such they are to be humanely destroyed if caught if you feel capable, if not please leave or return

•Their inland migration is believed to be due to increased salinity in fresh water due to long hot summers and lack of flow

• They are currently visible in such great numbers because it is the time of year they should be returning to salt water so the numbers for this year should diminish shortly

•They are not currently believed to be able to spawn in freshwater

•There is no current licence issued by DEFRA to trap Chinese Mitten crabs, making it a criminal offence to do so, due to the risk of bycatch of native and protected species and because they are not currently listed as fit for human consumption within the UK

•P&DAA are currently working in conjunction with the relevant authorities, including the Environment Agency, to not only pass on our findings but also to be appraised on any progress in a solution to the issue. We will report any significant findings publicly

•There are currently trials being conducted elsewhere on a new form of trapping that can single out the mitten crab without affecting other species. We will update should we receive any further information on this


If you require any further information or have any other information please contact us

Please get in touch if they are seen in any other locations. Dates, times, numbers of crabs and images would be useful


Many thanks for your cooperation