Tickets will go on sale for upcoming matches tomorrow, Thursday 15/04/21 at 7pm

Sales will be online only and the link will be posted on this page and the latest news section of the website at www.fishinginpeterborough.co.uk

All matches are priced at £25 inc. peg fee and pools

There will be 4 Sunday matches and some Wednesday fixtures

The 4 match Sunday series will also feature an entirely optional £10 superpools ticket, also available from the webshop. This needs only to be purchased once for all Sunday matches and will contribute to an additional prize fund to be paid out at the conclusion of the 4 matches, based on overall placings and section wins across all 4 matches. Again, this is entirely optional and anglers may choose to fish as many or as few matches as they wish, with or without superpools ticket

Good luck to all involved