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December 1, 2023
Fish for the future…


The Environment Agency have today delivered us 5000 skimmers to boost our stocks on the River Nene

Many thanks to Jake and the EA fisheries team for coming down. Great to see and a real boost for the future


Addressing the elephant in the room and in anticipation of some expected questions, we are all aware in the angling community of the pressure our venues face from predation, pollution, poaching and climate change.


In combination with stocking programs we are also working with the Environment Agency and Angling Trust on habitat improvement projects, safe and legal measures to combat predation, water quality monitoring and, of course, improved enforcement against illegal fishing


We often see a lot of ‘waste of time’ and ‘why bother’ when it comes to stocking. Nothing could be further from the truth. We work with some fantastic teams to support our fisheries and, when all of these factors are progressed and coincide, look forward to making our venues as successful as we possibly can for years to come


Well done guys and thank you