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Please be aware that, due to the A47 duelling development, Sacrewell Meadows is now closed to angling and inaccessible from the layby on the A47. The land in question has been purchased and is now the property of National Highways and all entry is restricted due to the commencement of works. This will be the case for the entirety of the works, lasting several years, but we are in communication regarding access once completed


Below is a statement from National Highways:


Our A47 Wansford to Sutton dualling scheme is part of a multi-billion-pound investment by the Government aimed at improving journeys on England’s major A-roads. As part of this programme, our Wansford scheme has been granted Development Consent Order (DCO), which is a special type of planning permission from the Planning Inspectorate.


We’ve scheduled to begin advanced works, such as site exploration, utility diversions, fencing, and vegetation clearance, starting in late October / early November of this year. These activities will continue for a few months, we aim to keep you informed.

We do however ask, as of 1 October 2023 that all anglers do not access the river Nene via the layby on the A47. This area is now owned by National Highway’s as part of the A47 Scheme and significant works will start in earnest in the coming months. The access gate will have a coded lock on and will not be removed for any activities.

We appreciate your cooperation with the scheme works.

If you would like to discuss in further detail, you can contact the Stakeholder Manager for the scheme Keeley Russell,keeley.russell@gallifordtry.co.uk–MOB: 07885 360375

For more information, please email a47news@gallifordtry.co.uk.


Many thanks for your cooperation