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November 12, 2023


P&DAA have taken control of the fishing rights to this historic water. A well known roach mecca, it can be a brilliant winter fishery


Unfortunately in recent years the fishery has come under pressure from poaching (removal of fish and very poor welfare standards), predation and general decline, with a lack of enforcement and fishery management


P&DAA will be seeking to remedy this by using our resources to provide a regular bailiff presence and working with South Holland District Council, the Environment Agency , Angling Trust and Spalding Fishing Club to protect and maintain these waters for the future. We would also like to encourage and support junior fishing in the area


Although our rules will apply immediately, the venue will remain free for the remainder of the 2023/24 season but in order to comply with fish welfare and insurance rules all anglers must sign up for a free Town Welland ticket here:



As from June 16th 2024 the Town Welland will be added to P&DAA general membership and day ticket waters. Members of Spalding Fishing Club will be able to purchase a discounted ‘Welland ticket’ that will include P&DAA Wide Welland, Coronation Channel and Town Welland in addition to their Spalding Fishing Club membership


If anyone would like to volunteer their support in the area, or on our waters in general, please email pdaacommittee@outlook.com