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January 26, 2024

Many of you may be aware of the presence of several seals along the River Nene


At the moment we can confirm location of seals, all believed to be different animals, at Orton Downstream, around Ferry Meadows, Stibbington and upstream as far as the river at Bluebell Lakes


These are identified tagged rescue seals that are being reintroduced inland at Sutton Bridge instead of being released at the coast.

It is the position of the P&DAA that this is unnatural and constitutes a direct threat to inland fisheries from a marine mammal. These animals are clearly disoriented, lost and unable to return to their colonies and natural environment


We would clearly like to differentiate between this and coastal seals that occasionally venture inland and tend to return very quickly. This constitutes normal, acceptable behaviour. At least 2 of these seals have been present in Peterborough for over 13 months


Next week we have a meeting with national representatives of the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency at which our stated aim is the change in this release practice and a discussion around the safe removal of these current animals


To be clear we are not seeking (and never have) lethal action as a primary measure


Any angling club also affected by this who would like to give their support and would like us to represent them at this meeting please get in touch: