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Angling Trust East Midlands Winter League time again and the whole squad is very excited about this year’s campaign after a very tough but close battle last year.

Unfortunately the league is down to 7 teams this year, which could make the whole league more competitive, making points harder to come by and even more valuable

The first round will see the team at Littleport. We have put in a reasonable amount of practice on the venue and it’s a stretch we’re reasonably confident on as a team

After a strong campaign last season and with the squad going from strength to strength we are looking for a top 3 finish in this year’s contest to get us through to the final. The team are brimming with confidence after some strong performances and plenty of practice but it’s vital that we work hard and put a strong plan together for each different venue as it comes.

Good luck to everyone in the squad and thank you for making Team Bait-Tech Cresta P&DAA a fantastic squad to lead


All the best

Steve Goodrum, match team captain